Care and Cleaning of Your Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are very important to a golfer who wants to perfect his golf swing and enhance his performance.  Golf shoes provide the golfer with firm grip on the ground, stability, comfort and flexibility while he focuses his attention of perfecting his swing. Such a useful piece of equipment also needs special care and attention from your end to live up to its promises to deliver and to increase its life. If you spend sufficient money on buying good quality shoes and then take good care of them, they will serve you with 100% performance for years before wearing out and without you having to worry about buying a new pair. Here are some tips to follow so that your beloved golf shoe maintains its appearance and performance for years to come:

Cleaning after each round

Cleaning of Your Golf ShoesAfter your shoes have spent the day serving you on the golf course, their soles will be left with mud, pesticides, grass and other particles from the course. Now it is your turn to show some consideration and free them of all this unwanted dirt. Wipe the upper with a damp golf towel and take off all the dirt from the sole. You can remove the dirt stuck in the spikes with a toothbrush dipped in soapy water. Wipe them with a dry cloth. Make sure your golf  shoes are completely dry before storing them.

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Drying your Golf shoes

Let the golf shoes air dry at room temperature before storing them. Avoid placing them in the sun to dry, or near a heater or any other external heat source. If you were playing in the rain and your shoes have soaked, place newspapers inside them to help absorb excess moisture.

Polish once in a while  

It is a good idea to polish your shoes every once in a while. Polishing once a month is sufficient to achieve the purpose. It will not only help maintain their appearance but also their structure and thus increase their life.

Keep a check on the spikes

Make it a habit to check the condition of the spikes after every round. Plastic spikes wear down easily after regular use. Replacement spikes are easily available in the market. If any spikes need replacement, simply unscrew them with a spike wrench and replace them with new spikes.


Place cedar shoe trees inside the shoes before storing them. Cedar shoe trees absorb any moisture left in the shoes and maintain the shape of the shoe thus enabling them to survive longer.  After placing cedar shoe trees inside them, store the shoes in a golf bag to keep them safe. It is advisable to keep a golf bag with a netted design to prevent bacterial growth due to moisture.